you've been carefully hand picked to not only join the conversation; but to help lead it.

Each individual who contributes to our blog has been chosen for specific reasons that reflect their character and their work, but above all - to hear and see their story. This is your chance to share yours.

Instead of just one, monotone voice rambling on and on about "us" and what "we do", we wanted to create a more dynamic blog that would incorporate many voices - each with it's own unique story to be heard. We believe in a "family" based community inspired by bringing people together, so we built this.

Thank you for becoming part of our story, and the best of luck.



getting started:

If you're on this page, this means that you've probably received an email notification that kind of looks like this:

Next, click "ACCEPT INVITATION". This will take you to a login screen. If you already have a Squarespace account, enter your login information & you will be able to access our site through that account.

If you do not have a squarespace account...

You can create an account by entering a valid email address & creating a password.


How to Post:

Once you login to your account & you have successfully accessed the backend of our site, you should see something like this:


To create a blog post, click the "PAGES" tab in the middle of the left hand sidebar.

You will be redirected to a new sidebar with new options. Scroll down the sidebar to the "Not Linked" pages, and click the "BLOG  FEED" tab with the arrow:

Once on the Blog Feed page, to create a new post click the '+' on the top right of the lefthand sidebar. A small pop up window will then appear:

When creating a post, it is imperative to meet a small checklist of 3 VERY IMPORTANT steps:

  • Thumbnail - Under the "Options" tab, you will want to upload a thumbnail image to go along with your post. Images that fit will have an aspect ratio of 3:2 (or a normal 4x6" horizontal photograph).
  • Excerpt - (Under the "Options" tab as well) Within a sentence or two, write a small excerpt, or preview of your blog post. This will also display along with the thumbnail image on the main blog feed page.
  • Categories - Under the "Content" tab, in the bottom left corner, click the "Categories" option to open a small dropdown of category tags to select from. Select all tags associated with the content within your post. Doing this will allow your post to be searched & categorized by the tag cloud on the blog feed page.

Once these are all in place, carry out with you post by adding content to it, etc. For additional questions on how to create a blog post please check here:

Thanks again for joining our family of contributors!

If you are having trouble or have any additional questions, please direct them to Zack at