Question: When If Ever Is It Appropriate For A US Navy Vessel To Dip The National Ensign First?

When approaching an officer what is the appropriate?


When approaching an officer, start your salute far enough away from the officer to allow time for your salute to be seen and returned.

This space can vary; but a distance of about six paces is considered good for this purpose.

Hold your salute until it is returned or until you are six paces past the officer..

When if ever Should the Union Jack be flown at half mast?

Flags should be flown at half-mast on the following occasions: (a) From the announcement of the death until the funeral of the Sov- ereign, except on Proclamation Day, when they are hoisted right up from 11am to sunset.

Do you salute retired officers?

Yes, it is customary to salute them when you recognize them as officers, when they are in uniform or when they are participants in ceremonies. Security personnel (gate guards) at military installation entrances salute retired officers when they see their rank as they check ID cards, for example.

Can you salute without headgear?

American soldiers always remove their (head) cover when entering a building, unless armed. Indoors, or without head cover, members of the US military do not salute. … The officer will return the salute, even while still seated. The reporting service member will hold his/her salute until it is returned.

Do you salute petty officers?

It is customary to salute officers of United Nations when you recognize them as such. Do not salute noncommissioned officers or petty officers. One of the most important of military courtesies is the salute. It is a respectful greeting, a sign of recognition between military persons.

At what time of the day should the national ensign be hoisted and lowered?

8:00At exactly 8:00, the ensign is hoisted smartly to the top of the ensign staff, all ships in the same port doing so simultaneously with the ship of the senior officer present afloat.

When used on a speaker’s platform the national flag should be displayed flat and in what position?

When used on a speaker’s platform, the U.S. flag, if displayed flat, should be displayed above and behind the speaker. When displayed from a staff in a church or public auditorium, the flag should hold the position of honor at the speaker’s right as he faces the audience.

What moon mission was completely manned by Navy personnel?

Apollo 12 missionWASHINGTON — As the United States once again contemplates manned flights to the moon, it is fitting to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 12 mission, the second manned mission to the moon and the only one that boasted an all-Navy crew of Cmdr.

What is the oldest US Navy ship still in commission?

USS ConstitutionOne of these, USS Constitution, a three-masted tall ship, is one of the original six frigates of the United States Navy. It is the oldest naval vessel afloat, and still retains its commission (and hence is listed here), as a special commemoration for that ship alone.