Quick Answer: Why Is My Durian Bitter?

Are durians bitter?

Durian connoisseurs love its bittersweet taste and sticky, creamy texture.

The flesh can be sweet and bitter within the same fruit.

Taste notes: Bitter with a more watery texture and strong pungent smell..

How do you know when Durian is spoiled?

If the durian fruit smells sour or has a sour taste, it’s most likely gone bad. You should look for a mixture between rotten eggs and vinegar. Another sign is when the skin is cracked and the flesh is too soft and watery, that is a durian that is definitely rotting.

Why does durian taste bad?

In short, durian stinks so much because a lot of its genes are focused on pumping out odors. Inspiring. The whole fruit system is optimized to produce the smell, likely to attract primates like orangutan to eat and disperse its seeds.

What is the most expensive durian?

Kanyao durianA news organisation reported that the Kanyao durian, which is the most expensive durian variety in the world, smashed last year’s record of 800,000 baht. The glamorous event attracted bids from dozens of wealthy fruit lovers and sold handpicked durians from a nearby farm.

How can you tell durian d24?

How to Identify Musang King and D24Shell Color. Durian shells vary pretty widely in color from yellow-brown to camo-green to tinged with purple. … Spike Density and Shape. Spikes can be either far apart or very close together, kind of square and pyramidal, or round and thin as a needle. … Visibility of Seams. … Crown. … Stem Length.

Which type of durian is bitter?

Types of DurianTypeTasteRarityGolden PhoenixSharp, bitterUncommonD1Mildly sweetCommonMao Shan WangBitter, creamy, stickyCommonBlack PearlSlightly bitter, creamyRare8 more rows•Aug 7, 2019