What Is A Food That Starts With M?

What household items start with a?

The List of Household Items That Start with “A”AA or AAA batteries.Address book.Aerosol can.Air cleaner/air filter.Air mattress.Ajax cleaner.Alarm clock.Album.More items…•.

What are fruits that start with M?

Fruits That Start With M1 – Maprang Fruit: Maprang fruit is a species of flowering plant native to Southeast Asia. … 2 – Macadamia Fruit: Macadamia fruit is a part of the plant family called Proteaceae. … 4 – Malay Apple Fruit: … 5 – Mamey Sapote Fruit: … 6 – Mammee Apple Fruit: … 7 – Mamoncillo Fruit: … 8 – Mandarin Fruit: … 9 – Mangaba Fruit:More items…•

Is tea a food or drink?

Tea (in reference to food, rather than the drink) has long been used as an umbrella term for several different meals. … Tea as a meal is associated with Great Britain, Ireland, and some Commonwealth countries. Some people in Britain refer to their main evening meal as “tea” rather than dinner or supper.

What is a food that starts with I?

Foods That Start with the Letter IIce Cream. Ice cream is probably the most popular thing eaten as a dessert or snack throughout the world. … Indian Mustard. … Iceberg Lettuce. … Icaco. … Idli. … Idiyappam. … Iodized Salt. … Inca Berries.More items…•

What is a fruit that starts with y?

Fruits That Start With YYali Pear Fruit.Yangmei Fruit.Yellow Passion Fruit.Yellow Watermelon Fruit.Youngberry Fruit.Yunnan Hackberry Fruit.Yuzu Fruit.

What are words that start with M?

5 letter words that start with Mmaars.macaw.macer.maces.mache.macho.machs.macks.More items…

What is a food that starts with t?

Popular Foods Beginning With TTabasco sauce: A spicy sauce.Tapenade: A spread made of black olives, capers, and anchovies made into a puree.Tapioca: A starch extracted from cassava plants.Tea.Teacake: A type of cake or cookie served with tea.Tenderloin: A meat from the loin muscle of cattle.Thyme.Toast.More items…

What is a food that starts with W?

21 Foods That Start With W1 – Watermelon:2 – Wakame:3 – Wasabi:4 – Wheatgrass:5 – Wheatgrass juice:6 – Wheat:7 – Wheat Malt:8 – Whiting:More items…•

What fruit or veg begins with D?

Following are some of the different fruit names:A: Apples, Apricots, Avocados.B: Bananas, Boysenberries, Blueberries, Bing Cherry.C: Cherries, Cantaloupe, Crab apples, Clementine, Cucumbers.D: Damson plum, Dinosaur Eggs (Pluots), Dates, Dewberries, Dragon Fruit.E: Elderberry, Eggfruit, Evergreen Huckleberry, Entawak.More items…

Is there a fruit that starts with y?

Yuzu. Yuzu is a yellow-green citrus fruit that hails from Japan. It has a thick, knobby rind and a light taste. Yuzu is not as sour as lemons or limes, and the juice works well with raw fish or other delicately flavored dishes.

What are foods that start with Y?

21 Foods That Start With The Letter YYogurt. Yogurt is a thick dairy product that is made by fermenting milk using bacteria. … Yeast. Yeast are micro-organisms that are used in many food products for different purposes. … Yellowfin tuna. … Yuzu. … Yams. … Yali pear. … Yiros. … Yolk.More items…•

Which alphabet is a vegetable?

The alphabet “P” is a vegetable as when pronounced, it sounds like if we pronounced “Pea”…

What are all vegetables names?

For sources, see individual pages.artichoke.aubergine (eggplant)asparagus.legumes. alfalfa sprouts. azuki beans (or adzuki) bean sprouts. black beans. black-eyed peas. borlotti bean. broad beans. … broccoflower (a hybrid)broccoli (calabrese)brussels sprouts.cabbage. kohlrabi. Savoy cabbage. red cabbage.More items…

What is something you wear that starts with M?

Check your answers belowAApronMMake-up MascaraMask MittensNNappy NecklaceNecktie NegligeeOOverallsPPyjamas PantsParka Poncho21 more rows

What are cities that start with M?

United States · Cities starting with: M..♥ Madison Wisconsin.♥ Memphis Tennessee.♥ Mesa Arizona.♥ Miami Florida.♥ Milwaukee Wisconsin.♥ Minneapolis Minnesota.

What animals begins with M?

Alphabetical list of animals that start with MMacaque.Macaw.Magpie.Mallard.Manatee.Mandrill.Manta Ray.Margay.More items…

What is a fruit that starts with t?

Tangerine, Tamarind, Tigger melon, Tart cherries, Toyon pomes, Tamarillo, Thimbleberry, Tayberry, Texas persimmon, Terap. There are also the hybrid fruits Tangelo (tangerine X pomelo) and Tangor ( tangerine X orange). Hope this helps! There’s also Tomato!

What things start with the letter Y?

Letter Y Word Bank:yak.yam.yawn.yellow.yes.yolk.you.young.

What is a vegetable starting with D?

Vegetables that start with dadabberlocks.daikon.dandelion.daylily.