What Is Well Rounded?

Is city owned hyphenated?

The correct answer is d), “none of the above.” If the reference were generic, “city-owned property” would be correct, but when a phrase that represents a single concept (such as “City of Los Angeles”) is attached to a one-word adjective to form a phrasal adjective that precedes a noun, an en dash is used in place of a ….

How do you show you are well rounded?

9 tips to build a well-rounded approach to lifeDevelop an effective personality. Building a successful career is dependent on your ability to work well with people. … Be a people person. This starts with caring. … Sell yourself. … Never stop learning. … Develop a sound value system. … Be an effective communicator. … Practice listening more than you talk. … Focus your life.More items…•

What is a word for someone who is good at everything?

Polymath is someone who is pioneer in everything. It is an individual whose knowledge spans a significant number of subjects, known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems. He has developed his abilities in all areas of accomplishment: intellectual, artistic, social, physical, and spiritual.

What is all rounded?

(US all-around) used to say that a person has many different types of skills and abilities: She’s a fantastic all-round sportswoman.

Is well rounded hyphenated?

As for “well-rounded”, the word is spelled without a hyphen if the word follows the noun.

What are the characteristics of a well rounded person?

Ten Traits of a Well-Rounded Child Balanced. A well-rounded child understands the importance of intellectual, emotional, and physical health, choosing to become involved in a variety of activities both at school and in the home. Caring. … Communicator. … Inquirer. … Knowledgeable. … Open-minded. … Principled. … Reflective.More items…•

Why is it important to be a well rounded person?

Why Is It Important To Be A Well-rounded Person? Being a well-rounded professional promotes better performance, inspires you to keep growing, and most importantly helps flaunt confidence and gain new skills.

What is a better word for full?

What is another word for full?packedcrowdedfilledjammedstuffedburstingcongestedloadedteemingbrimful145 more rows

Is well qualified hyphenated?

In the first sentence ‘well qualified’ is not hyphenated because ‘well’ is an adverb that describes ‘qualified’.

What is the meaning of well rounded person?

1. adjective. You describe someone as well-rounded when you are expressing approval of them because they have a personality which is fully developed in all aspects. [approval] Liberal arts learning helps you become a well-educated, well-rounded person – someone who’s interested in the world and interesting to others.

What does well rounded education mean?

an education that includes many areas, for example music, the arts, and social and physical skills.

Whats another word for well rounded?

Similar words for well-rounded: buxom (adjective) curvaceous (adjective) fully developed (adjective) knowledgeable (adjective)